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I ‘m Marius Kotzé my wives name is Andriëtte and my three children are Handrich, Deo-Anell & Duan, we are staying in the northern part of South Africa in a Copper mining town named Phalaborwa. We are both working on the mine and do the breeding for the love of the Boerboel. Our whole family are involved with the breeding of new family members for other families. We work together to take care off the dogs since we are doing this from our home on a limited scale. I’m responsible for the discipline & health checks , Andriëtte is there to give them the daily Tender Loving Care and the children do the temperament & personality developing, exercising and playing games with them.
Since I could remember as a little boy my grandfather used to have big dogs on the farm. Some of them where Bull Mastiff dogs others where Ridgebacks and there where Boerboels. During school holidays when I visited my Grandfather on the farm I went into the fields with the air rifle to shoot birds and rabbits. His boerboel named Mista always came along. She always went and fetched the killing as soon as the shot went off. From my childhood days I started to love the Boerboel and now I give the same memories to my children to carry it on to there children one day.
The best friend & guardian for your family !
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